Tried everything to lose weight with less-than-amazing results?


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Welcome! I’m The Wholesome Health Coach,
but you can call me Rhiannon

I help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

With real support, you can achieve your health and life goals. Using simple, actionable lifestyle adjustments that are designed for YOU, I will empower you to create lasting change and a life you love.

Say good riddance to self-doubt and overwhelm and replace it with empowered action and confidence! 

I specialise in:

• Healthy weight loss

• Autoimmune conditions and food sensitivities

• Digestive and inflammation conditions

• Postnatal anxiety and depression

• Self-love and body positivity

Nutrition planning

Movement and fitness

Tired of getting derailed by confusing programs, unexpected interruptions, fluctuating energy levels, and….well, life?

Get the support you need to feel great and create real change!

How can a Wholesome Health Coach program help you?

Learn to identify what’s holding you back and find the solutions that work for YOU.

Wholesome Health Coach programs will support, challenge and inspire you to create a life full of purpose, empowerment, health and happiness.

Together, we will focus on 3 core areas to move you toward your goals:

Behavioural change: We (gently) get to the root of what’s been derailing your health goals and find the way through these challenges together. 

Healthy eating habits: I help you to heal your body through good food choices and great nutrition. Restoring your gut health heals so much more than just your digestion. 

Ready to achieve your goals, feel great and create a life you love? I’d love to help you. 

Let’s chat!

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