Hi, I’m Rhiannon
It’s lovely to meet you!

I’ll help you take the leap into a healthier lifestyle and a happier life

But first, let me introduce myself…I’m Rhiannon, a health coach with a thing for balanced microbiomes (also known as awesome gut health!) and healthy habits.

My passion is transforming my client’s health and lives from ‘meh’ to ‘oh yeah!’

And now? I’m here to transform your life.

Why am I the health coach for you? 

Because you need a realistic plan to achieve your health goals, not a cookie-cutter program that you have to fit your life around.

Because trying to get healthy while still managing ALL the things, isn’t really working out so well.

Because, no matter how hard you go for it, something always holds you back from getting where you want to be.

Because you need someone in your corner, keeping you accountable while giving you all the support and motivation you need to reach your health goals.

Because, no matter how hard you go for it, something always holds you back from getting where you want to be.

And this is just what I do!

I give you the information and support you need to make the right choices and eat a healthy diet. Straight-forward, simple and shame-free guidelines that are tailored to your needs, your life, and your goals.

Regular check-ins keep you accountable and reaching for your dreams. Extra support and motivation will see you through all the blocks that have prevented you from getting to where you want to be, until now.

Ready to get your health back on track?
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Want to know a little more about me…

1. I’m a former Western Australia state Hockey player. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you my shins.

2. I grew up living off the land and running free on a farm in Margaret River, WA. It was called The Berry Farm. And it was heaven.

3. I’m an accredited Transformational Mastery Health Coach, a (non-clinical) Nutritionist, studied Sport and Leisure Science and I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I also have a Bachelor of Business Marketing. What can I say? I love to learn.

4. I discovered my passion for health coaching after my own journey through Postnatal Depression and Anxiety. I reached out and got the help I needed. With a supportive team around me, I committed to getting my health and life back on track and experienced a transformation I never thought was possible.

5. I have three kids and a husband. I’m also a beach-loving yogi and a total foodie.

6. I love seeing a client’s transformation first-hand. Seeing the benefits of a healthy gut (told you I had a thing for microbiomes) like healthy skin, more energy, healthy weight loss, balanced hormones, a positive mindset…I could go on and on. It’s so good!

Let me take away the overwhelm and give you flexible, effective solutions for your health

No more diet fatigue. Just radiant health, every day. To sparkly, new beginnings

Rhiannon xx