Let’s work together… to help you feel amazing.

I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia – Australia. So if you live in Perth I will meet you wherever you feel comfortable.

If you don’t live in or around Perth I also work online – worldwide! I love to use Skype, Face-time or Zoom to video chat internationally, or phone calls if you would prefer. 

I have worked with clients across Australia including South Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and here in Perth.

So whether your are near or far,  we can find away to connect!

Wholesome Health Consultations

This is where things get fun and exciting!

Do you know it is actually possible for you to get healthy, lose weight and enjoy life at the same time?

Be the healthiest person you know
Wear the clothes you want to wear
Wake up everyday feeling in love with your body and your life

My programs are specifically tailored to empower you to
lose weight, get healthy and feel amazing.

I will guide you to build your awareness around eating delicious food, tap into your intuition to learn what foods are best for your body, gain clarity and take action to create sustainable changes to feel amazing every day. 

If you have a bundle of questions send me a message

I would be happy to help !

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session consultation where we can get to know each other, make sure that I’m the right fit for you and you can ask any of those burning questions you have.