In this 6 session week we work together on a deeper level.

This program is for you if you are already committed to making healthy choices, but you are frustrated with your current results. You know your habits just need some tweaking, and you are ready to take the next step in you health journey.

The Wellness and Restore Coaching Package includes: 

Setting desired health goals
Identifying challenges 
Tailoring your package to reach desired goals
Identifying high energy foods for your unique body 
Honouring hunger and fullness 
Recognising self sabotage
Setting new goals through stretch and dreaming big 

There is also customised nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help with;
Weight loss
Digestive issues
Autoimmune diseases
Disrupted sleep
Self love & Self care
Body Love

As well as recipe ideas, meditations, movement and fitness ideas and other personalised support based on your goals and needs, shared regularly throughout the process.

This program ensures support, accountability and stretch to reach your desires goals and have more understanding how to nourish yourself to work toward a long lasting lifestyle of feeling the best life ever!